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2017 Buzzing Chatter

In the 1980s part of the farm was converted to a field site for a tree study; giving us several rows of wonderful, weird, and unique apple trees.

In 2017 we decided to blend some of these experimentals together. Enter, Buzzing Chatter.

Pressed in oak vats, the juice went into a stainless tank to undergo cryo-concentration. We lowered the temperature of the juice to about -4C, freezing out water and concentrating sugar, acidity, and flavour. 

Half was then aged in oak, and half in stainless with 10% going though malolactic fermentation. We finished it with a little Northern Spy to add a bit more of an acid kick.

A sweeter cider balanced by a deep acidity - 2017 Buzzing Chatter.


I make cider because I can't write songs. I can't write songs. I've tried - they're terrible.

A good song shatters your heart. It hides in your memory eager to pounce. You throw it on repeat. You vanquish all others.

A good song pivots you, opens a world, deepens your love. It echoes your soul.

I can't write songs, so I made this.

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