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2019 Black Barred

Pears are cool. We like pears. Pears like organic farming practices. The pear trees at our orchard produced an exceptional amount of fruit in 2019. This let us play around with a few different styles. One of which is the 2019 Black Barred. Fermented with skin on, we wanted to add some sparkle. These pears went into a giant, pressurized, stainless tank, giving us refreshing, crisp bubbles. Think of it as prosecco but with pears. Bottled in January 2020. 

9%, 10g/L, Charmat.


Why did we choose the name Black Barred? Because of the eastern meadowlark. The Eastern Meadowlark nests in PEC, however they are ground nesting birds, requiring long grass to build their homes. We keep our grass long until harvest, giving them space to thrive, eat and raise their babies. Eastern meadowlarks have a distinctive black barred pattern along their wing feathers. Their wing is modeled on our 2019 vintage labels.

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