Previous Vintages

2017 Northern Spy

March 2018. Joy brims my soul. I haven't shaved in two days or showered in three. My head throbs from last night's cider binge. Snow falls on snow. I'm stranded on a mountainside in a foreign land. Why joy? I'm in a room of holistic apple growers and cidermakers. We're chatting about farming and fermenting and spirituality. I was nervous to share this cider last night - like inviting Vincent to see my fingerpaintings.

2018 Perry Sur Lie

Our funkiest bottle. Inspired by BD Poires made by Eric Bordelet. Technically triple-fermented.

In 2018 we took a mixture of experimental pear varieties from our farm here in Bloomfield and tossed them into old French oak barrels and new American oak barrels. We fermented it dry, then re-fermented when we decided to age it for just a little bit longer. Yet another dose of sugar and yeast followed to reach that earthy, bready, funky flavour. Bottled in April 2019. 

9%, <2g/L, experimental pear varietals



Sun woke at 6:17. Our perry slept. Dew rose and our perry slept.

I raised the pallet and opened the valve. The Sun’s permission. Our perry rushed through pipe into the filler. Hold. Bottle positioned. Perry rush. My hand grabbed the bottle and past it downstream. Hand to hand, the capper seals. Capper to table to cage, the last hand. Another bottle passed.

Music plays louder when it doesn’t need to scream over a pump.

Easter awoke. Our perry did too.


Batch 001: Cab Fermented Perry

Our first Flock release is also our first still perry. It's only available to Flock members. And only through this hidden link until Dec 16 or sell-out.

Co-fermented with Cabernet Franc skins, Batch 001 carries a light, earthy-red colour. Cured pear and floral peach dominate the aromatics. The mouthfeel is smooth, round, and subtle; a gift of the Cab Franc. Aged for six months in a light-toasted barrel then bottle-aged for complete integration of flavour.

Drink now, save three for later. It's good.

Batch 002: Disgorge-your-own Northern

Batch 003: Ice Cider Liqueur

34% ABV, 375ml, 55 bottles only.

FieldBird's first spirit release! An ice cider experiment gone wrong (gone....right?).

A selection of apples from our orchard, juice frozen and made into ice cider. Fermented in oak, bottled, debottled, blended with our own apple & pear distillate, and re-bottled.

Drink once opened.

Batch 004 - Fortified Golden Russet

17% ABV, 750ml, 40 bottles only.
Our latest experiment: 2020 Golden Russet from our own farm, fermented into cider, fortified, and then maderized.

Deep colour and nutty tones. It's a keeper.

Batch 005: 2019 County Chardonnay

12% ABV, 750ml, 161 bottles only.

We’ve been excited about this one. 

In barrel for 18 months. Unfiltered. 

It’s not apples, but it will do.