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2018 Northern Spy

Harvested in the fall of 2018 after a warm, dry summer. Only Northern Spy apples. 

Primary fermentation occurred in oak barrels. Bottled in 2019. 

Northern Spy apples are acidic. The warm dry weather during the summer of 2018 mellowed down their acidity, lending a softer, rounder palate to the 2017 Northern Spy.

8.5%, <2g/L, single varietal


I hate bottling. Maybe I just hate what it represents - the end of something.

Before bottling, the ciders dance in our cellar. They breathe. They move and age and change.  I can pull from any barrel, whenever I want, and throw it in someone’s glass.

I hate bottling because it’s the end of that.

Last year I was late ordering corks for the Spy. I drove around the County scrounging what I could. Thirty corks here, fifty there. Then Battista gave me a whole bag.

I hate bottling, but I love this town.

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