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Batch 008: Project Cask Away

15% ABV, 750mL, 40 bottles, yo ho yo ho.

To avoid thievery, ancient Greeks would sink their wine in secret locations. A byproduct of this ingenious security measure was introducing winemaking to a completely oxygen-free environment. 

With Batch 004 we experimented with Maderia-style cider with maximum oxidization. We liked it a lot. But we were curious. What if we made a fortified cider with nearly 0% oxidization? So we brought out a small barrel, an anchor....and a chainsaw. 

Ryan & his Dad took some of our 2020 Northern Spy and fortified it with our own Northern Spy brandy. They filled the barrel, drove out to our secret lake, cut an opening in the ice and promptly…sank it. Thankfully they remembered where they left it and we pulled the barrel up in the spring.

The result? A light fortified cider with notes of candy apple and a little lively secondary fermentation tingle. Maybe those ancient Greeks were on to something...

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