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2018 Golden Russet

2018 Golden Russet

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Our 2018 Golden Russet is a single varietal; only containing Golden Russet apples from our orchard, harvested in 2018. The Golden Russet apples have beautiful speckling on their skin ~ russeting ~ concentrating the flavours in our still cider. In the cellar, tannin management is the name of the game with Golden Russets. Carefully selecting a barrel with enough sacrificial tannins to protect the natural tannic qualities from the apple while the ferment took off was a fun challenge.  This vintage was barrel fermented in different barrel sizes, each treated and aged independently. Blended and bottled in July 2019.

9%, <2g/L, single varietal


December 2019. I made my first cider six years ago. We were living in Saskatchewan and neighbours of ours had an apple tree and a press.

Took most of the afternoon to yield a carboy of juice.

I brought it home, fermented it, bottled it, and drank it.

It sucked.

I hope this one doesn't.

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