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2018 Sing Song

2018 Sing Song

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Sing Song’s journey started in 2018. We bottled our base cider with extra yeast, let it sit for eight months, and riddled in 2019. Disgorging was a blast! After only a handful of messy explosions we topped off the finished cider with itself and bottled the finished Sing Song in November 2019.

It was a long process, but it was worth it. Sing Song is refreshingly bone-dry with playful natural bubbles - almost like a creamy mousse.

10.5%, <2g/L, Traditional Method.


November 2019. We have a cellar hand. Her name is Mel. A few nights ago, Mel helped me clean equipment, outside, until 3am. It was negative five.

Today she'll spend four hours checking through barrels then prep our pressing line for Northern Spy tomorrow.

What most impresses me isn't her humour - Mel's wicked funny - or her curiosity.

What I admire most is simple. Mel gave her mom a tour of our farm three months ago. When done, they sat in our window seat and held hands.


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