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2019 Lazy Whistle

2019 Lazy Whistle

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The Lazy Whistle is another style of perry from our extraordinary pear harvest in 2019. Same juice as the Black Barred, yet another fermentation method gives us an earthy, juicy perry. The aim was a keeved cider, fermentation went beautifully until the weather unexpectedly warmed up. To capture the bubbles we decided to bottle early the next morning, switching to the ancestral method instead. In bottle fermentation continued to occur spontaneously. The result was large, delicate bubbles, and an extremely hazy perry; essentially a petillant-naturel pear cider. Bottled in November 2019.

Similar to the 2019 Black Barred, the 2019 Lazy Whistle is named after the Eastern Meadowlark. The Eastern Meadowlark has a sing-songly call, hence the Lazy Whistle.

7%, <2g/L, ancestral method.


This perry was supposed to be something else.

But the chiller was late and the cellar was warm and harvest was long and we missed our target.

For weeks I thought we failed. But I was wrong.

This perry was supposed to be something else.

I'm glad it's not.

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